Narrow Blocks

August 1, 2012

Narrow blocks and the question of the cheapest builder in Melbourne.

Narrow blocks galore?

There are many narrow blocks out there. Have you already purchased a small, narrow block or a peculiar block of land? In your position, it’s best to seek specialist advice from a 3 D Designer -Builder who has experience with narrow homes. Building a house on narrow blocks, especially on one of those narrow, sloping blocks brings with it a host of challenges that must be overcome in order to make sure you can make a comfortable and happy house. With Clark New Homes, you know you are getting it all. Yes, both the  design and the build from the one stop shop. Why not explore the true potential of a narrow block? Let us find ways of giving you more bang for your buck, say more room on the inside, and the unconvential or the conventional look that you want to see from the outside.

narrow blocks

This is both narrow and sloping.

Building On Narrow Blocks

We don’t find narrow blocks of land too much of a challenge, even narrow sloping blocks. The Clark design team and the Clark build team  can find unique solutions to the problems posed by narrow lots. We begin with facts, the data collection, a comprehensive approach to planning controls ,and then move swiftly forward to please the customer. We hear what you want, and we use our skill and experience to make it happen. Our positive approach, customer relationship and budget solutions provide customers with an easy choice to make. Customers can rest assured that the relationship between designer and builder is so tight, that what you see on the drawing board, will truly come alive.

We will build to O.P. (Occupancy Permit) Lock-Up stage or own unique Lock-Up ++. Using modern design methods, we find ways to give you the space you need, within the constraints of your narrow block. Included in all narrow block designs are the full 3D model , 2D construction and contract drawings, data collection, and all of this will get you to a fixed price contract in no time. By the way, we take care of building permit and home warranty insurance. And all for the one low price.

By the way, these guys do beautiful homes on narrow blocks.

Narrow blocks and narrow sloping blocks.

Watch this space for more on narrow blocks and sloping blocks. Look our for narrow sloping blocks, and the worst narrow sloping blocks with rock.

Narrow blocks and narrow designs, vs narrow minds.

some people have brains about as narrow as the tiny blocks they want to build on. We are sure you are broad minded, not narrow minded, so read on.

narrow blocks

narrow blocks for design

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narrow blocks

By Leighton Clark

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Narrow Blocks
Narrow blocks can be difficult to build on. We explain some finer points of narrow block building.